About me — Edgars Zubarevs Photography


My name is Edgars Zubarevs, and I specialize in the wedding and family photography. I enjoy the classic photography look and I love natural film colors.

Photography for me is more than merely taking pictures/snapshots. The photography is a reflection of our life’s moments through the view of one’s inner world.

Take a look at my photos and you will better understand me and my vision.

I am an open-minded person and a good listener. Which allows me to establish a connection with the person and make them comfortable in front of the camera. I am doing my best to make you feel comfortable and free during the photo sessions. The connection between you and me is very important, so I love to talk a bit with people before I start shooting photos. Such attention to details helps me to create natural and emotional photos in a friendly atmosphere.

I don’t follow photography trends. My photos are classic, natural and full of emotions.   I strongly believe that this sort of photography can withstand time and even after 10 years, my photos will throw you back to that specific moment and emotion.

What could be better than to have a small life in the picture?

I will be happy to create a stunning memory of your wedding, family or individual moments.

I’m based in the Canary Islands, Tenerife. I worked in cities such as Barcelona, London, Stockholm, Riga. And I am always ready to travel on request to any European destination

About me — Edgars Zubarevs Photography

About me — Edgars Zubarevs Photography

Wedding - Special day. 

As a wedding photographer, your wedding day is as important to me as if it was my own. I am creating memories for the entire life and I will be beside you during the whole ceremony. I take full responsibility for your wedding’s memories, so my focus is to capture precious moments the best way possible, regardless of if I am shooting for two hours or the entire day.

You might think to yourself: “We have never met and I don’t know how to pose for photos.”

To answer your concerns, I reassure you that all I need, in order to produce outstanding photos, is your trust in me and my camera. You are there to enjoy your day, so you can leave the worries and all the element of photography to me. Almost every couple I work with doesn’t know how to act or pose in front of the camera. But absolutely everyone that I shoot is always happy with the end result.

I am very transparent with my clients during the process, and although there might be some pressure situations I don’t forget to smile and enjoy my work.

About me — Edgars Zubarevs Photography